Intuitive Readings


I offer intuitive Astrology Readings, and 10-Card Tarot & Oracle spreads

They can be sent either in written form, or hosted live on zoom through a coordinated time. 

For the Astrology readings, I will need your birth-time, date, and birthplace.  

I use fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology to intuitively read your birth chart and current transits. I believe in the power of astrology & guided readings to help us find more direction, focus, and insight into our lives.

If you would like a reading, you can email me on the contact page 

Readings are $150 for a session and are 60 minutes long. 

You can email me at 

It's my pleasure to help guide you to your destiny, and a life of deep joy, empowerment, and fulfillment!

May cosmic light be with you always <3